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A selection of pheasant dishes that Matthew has been cooking for events and parties for some time and some that have been thought up especially for Pheasant Footprint. They all work very well, substituting pheasant where people might normally use a commercially reared meat. All the pheasant is carefully butchered making sure to not use the peppered or bruised meat and doing our best to try to remove any shot. Be aware that all game products could still contain shot. 

  1. Pheasant & Apple Sausages
    Servings :
  2. Pheasant Burger

    Pure pheasant mince and nothing else                  

    Servings :
  3. Pheasant & Bacon Meatballs
    Servings :
  4. Breakfast Patties

    Great way to start the day, top with a fried egg and away you go

    Servings :
  5. Tangy & Bold Curry

    Made with our own curry paste a lovely aromatic curry with tomatoes and coconut milk.

    Servings :
  6. Gamekeepers Pie Mix

    Cooked with leeks and pheasant stock, just top with mashed potato for a wonderfully comforting meal

    Servings :
  7. Thai Cakes

    Our take on Tod Nam Pla

    Servings :
  8. Popcorn Pheasant

    Perfect for a snack, canapé or quick kids supper, sure to become family favourite

    Servings :
  9. Pheasant Bone Broth

    Crystal clear pheasant soup with bags of flavour, perfect as a starter or for elevenses

    Servings :
  10. Pheasant Bolognese

    The classic Italian sauce that is popular with all ages


    Servings :
  11. Pheasant Goujons

    Tender strips of breast in breadcrumbs a real crowd pleaser

    Servings :